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Grief & Loss Therapy

Grief and loss are a normal part of human experience. Grief can be experienced as a result of losing a loved one due to death, illness or even separation or divorce. All of these instances can be emotionally devastating and everyone responds very differently to these events. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. However there is definitely support required to process you grief. Unresolved grief may lead to depression or other complications down the track. But if you can manage your grief effectively then overtime you can engage with life fully. 

Loss is also a natural part of our lives. Sometimes loss can be in the form of our careers, jobs, businesses, homes and personal possessions. It can also be experienced when moving countries or cities. It can be loss of social networks and relations which can be disturbing for many people. 

Grief and loss counselling is known to help many people to support them in processing difficult emotions. If you are experiencing grief or loss of any nature, please connect with us to seek out counselling in this space.

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